Our original RSVP Classic Rotary Food Mill is stable, efficient and easy to use; tested and ranked No. 1 by Cook’s Illustrated because it is lightweight with a mid-tight spring to provide fast and efficient processing; it has comfortable handles and the most stable three-legged design to sit securely on top of a bowl; disks are easy to switch and remove resulting in speedy clean up Our food mill is the best choice for both high-volume canning and for more occasional use because it simultaneously grinds and strains cooked foods; no need to peel or remove seeds before milling, which saves time and effort; make applesauce, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, strained carrots, peach puree or raspberry coulis Comes with three interchangeable disks that have different-size perforations for fine, medium, and coarse purees; the locked-in spring keeps the rotating blade close to the perforated disk and delivers the force necessary to extrude the produce as you turn the crank; to use, turn the crank, and the spring-loaded blade presses the steamed, roasted or poached fruit or vegetables through a perforated disk, extruding a smooth, dense puree and leaving most skins and seeds behind in the hopper Use less salt and sugar in your diet by using the RSVP Classic Rotary Food Mill; effortlessly create your own healthy sauces, baby food or purees without any extra additives or preservatives BPA Free and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

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