Ideal for chicken pot pies, soups and stews, while the stainless steel, dishwasher-safe Splatter Screen provides protection from hot liquids. The Trivet-Meat Rack sits in the bottom of a skillet or pan to keep meat from burning, and is a perfect camping accessory for those who prefer Dutch-Oven cooking. HIGH QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL – Durable stainless steel handle and body that resists rust and corrosion. MANAGE OIL SPLATTERS AND SPILLS – Minimize oil splatters or spills on your stoves. Keeps oils and other hot liquids in your pot or pan by placing WAREUM Oil Splatter Cover over it when cooking. This can save you from having to cleanup a disaster of a mess. MESH SCREEN RELEASES STEAM – The mesh screen blocks potentially painful (and messy) flying oil droplets but allowing steam to escape, with which silicone and metal models do not. Unlike its silicone or metal counterparts, this mesh model allows steam to be released, ensuring condensation does not drip back into your food. SUITABLE FOR MOST POT AND PAN SIZES – 12 inch Oil Splatter Screen fits most pot and pan sizes. We love how convenient that is. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are committed to providing superior and quality home kitchen products to our customers and we guarantee you will be satisfied. In the event you are not, we provide a money-back guarantee for each product sold.

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