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Maximum refreshment! The kooliT Maxfresh 3-in-1 air conditioner brings clean, cool air on hot summer days. With fan, air cooler and humidifier for a personal fresh air oasis.

The most efficient way to stay cool. Using the LED display-based fitting of six function keys, you may change the climate combination as you wish. Operation is quick and simple thanks to the easily understandable symbol display. Three power levels and the optionally switchable automatic pivot function allow for precise adaptation to the prevailing weather conditions, room size and seating arrangements. In addition, the Maxfresh features three different modes of operation, including a natural mode in which the airflow simulates the natural ebb and flow of the wind.

Cool temperatures and maximum comfort. To improve the refreshing effects, the kooliT Maxfresh also features a switchable humidifier. In the 6-litre water tank, the intake air is cooled by evaporation and humidified. The device’s built-in filter also removes dust and dirt particles from the air, so you can feel refreshed even in the heat of summer. Two included cooling ice packs reduce the water temperature and thus increase the cooling efficiency considerably. The practical timer function enables convenient time-based operation, which also protects your wallet.

Unlimited good climate. Thanks to bottom rollers, the air cooler can move easily and freely in space and is extremely flexible. The device convinces not only through its power, but also its visual contribution to each installation site: the fresh design confidently fits into both modern and classic living and working ensembles.

Please note that this device is not an air conditioning system in the traditional sense, but an air cooler. The cooling of the air is achieved by the evaporation of water / ice from the 6-litre water tank of the device.

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