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The new Pro Fry Cutter and Cuber is a 3-In-1 multi-use kitchen tool that quickly and easily juliennes, slicesand dices veggies.Both classic and contemporary recipes call for dicing vegetables into small, even cubes. Whether it's to boil, sauté,roast, or make a casserole, cubing allows to cook evenly and quickly, in addition to giving your meals a more refinedlook. Problem is, dicing stacks of veggies can be tedious, and safety can be a concern when doing freehand knife workon large, rounded, irregular shaped root veggies.Now you can safely dice potatoes and other veggies with the new Pro Fry Cutter & Cuber. Easily cut veggiesinto fries, sticks or slices as well as quickly cube potatoes, cucumbers, onions and other vegetables in two simple andeasy steps. Without the top part, it's a fry cutter, but adding the top attachment with its heavy duty blades allowsfor slicing and dicing in two easy steps: simply push down on the plumger to push food through the first blade grid,and then pull the lever to finish the cut: instant veggie cubes!The extra-large non-slip suction base provides stability and safety and all pieces are detachable for easy cleaning.The Starfrit Pro Fry Cutter and Cuber for quickly and safely julienning and dicing veggies. For homemade fries, vegetable slices and cubes 2-Step mechanism Vertical movement : push downward first cut to make slices Lateral movement : makes cubes if step 1 is done before All pieces are detachable for easy cleaning Dishwasher safe

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