This polished steel paella pan is perfect for creating exquisite rice, seafood, eggs, and gratin dishes. Once seasoned, the pan acquires natural, non-stick properties for an easy-release finish. Plus, it won't chip, scratch, or peel off under usage of metal objects, such as knives, forks, or spatulas. Featuring a polished Spanish carbon steel construction, this paella pan is oven safe and durable enough for heavy-duty use. Its two handles can not only withstand high temperatures, they allow the user to easily hold and transport the pan throughout the kitchen. It also has a hammered bottom for great heat dispersion and even cooking. Compatible with all heat sources, this pan is an ideal addition to any restaurant or catering kitchen. This frying pan has a carbon steel construction which allows you to use it on high heat, makes it extremely durable, reliable and sturdy. You can use it for stewing, roasting, frying and stir-frying, so it is handy not only for paella but for any dish of traditional Mediterranean cuisine, like cilantro lime chicken, seafood paella or baked sole fillet. The size of this multi-functional pan is designed for family dinners or small parties. Make a tasty Paella with seafood, fluffy saffron rice, and juicy vegetables and enjoy it with your closest people. High quality non-stick shallow surface makes excellent evaporation for a caramelized crust. Two sturdy convenient handles make serving the dish incredibly easy even in a fast-paced kitchen.

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