Non Slip Surface and Measurement Marks, Stainless Steel Mirror Finish Bowls 3 SIZES - with this trio of 1.7 QT, 3 QT & 5 QT bowls in your kitchen, you'll have a size for every possible mixing application, whether you're baking a large cake, tossing a salad or marinating meat for later TOTAL CONTROL - each bowl features a non-slip base and ergonomic silicone handles to give you more control over your mixing POURING SPOUTS AND MEASURING GUIDE MARKINGS- allow you to easily measure and pour out the contents of your bowl - perfect for filling cupcake molds with cake mixture DURABLE - the ultra-tough, corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction offers a premium feel and long-lasting, reliable performance EASY TO CLEAN & STORE - each of the bowls are completely dishwasher safe and stackable for convenient storage. The bowls are perfect for whisking egg whites, cake mixtures etc. The largest size bowl has a hole in the center of the lid which is designed for using in conjunction with a stick/hand blender to provide a handy splash guard. This is also supplied with a cap so the hole can be covered for food storage.The smaller bowls are great for storage and for mixing smaller quantities. The bowls are dishwasher safe and is stack-able for easy storage. Lids are hand wash only Each bowl has graduated measurements inside in Cups/Quarts.

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